Azdak (Parts 1 thru 4)

from by Mark Nichols

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Lyrics by Bertolt Brecht, additional lyrics by Mark Nichols


Part 1

When wisdom burned to ashes
And blood ran down the street
And rats poured from the gutters
And maggots soured the meat

When the towns were set on fire and
The river of blood rose higher

And cockroaches crawled out of every crack
And you'd kill your only friend for a little bric-a-brac
And the courts overrun with schemers
And the church was made up of blasphemers
Your son stole food from the lowliest poor
And your wife became a festering whore

And the only one on the level
Is the one up there on the bench
Who can it be? Who can it be?

Part 2

While won't do much for a shilling
But for a pound they might be willing
Twenty pounds and it's in the sack
Fifty pounds he won't be back

As for those without a penny
As for those without a horse
They've only got one recourse
A lone and honest legal forcer
Who can it be? Who can it be?

Part 3

All mankind should love each other
But bring an ax when you talk to your brother
When miracles are preaching
A good sharp blade will do
His honor of the high court knew
And understood it too!

When sharks the sharks devour
Little fish will have their hour
Tis fishy to fix the scales of power
Thankfully he's in the ivory tour
The poor man's magistrate
Who's the man to seal your fate

The one the only potentate
Who's the wise, who's the great
Who can it be? Who can it be?

Part 4
He gives to the forsaken
All the riches from the rich that he hath taken
Good and evil man he
Smiled upon Grusinia's granny
Our man's neither mamby
Nor is our man pamby

Justice for nothing
Mercy for free
Give it the poor, give it to me!
Who can it be? Who can it be?


from Caucasian Chalk Circle, released November 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Mark Nichols Los Angeles, California

Is a writer, director, composer and filmmaker, but is known mainly as a creator of music theater works, including HOW TO SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE: A BURNING OPERA, LITTLE BOY GOES TO HELL, JOE BEAN, and for his popular score for Brecht's CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE. Info at ... more


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